our products

exclusively designed for british made badges


personalised name badges

The badges are mounted onto different sizes of card carriers, with different carrier types and sizes dependant on quantities, badge size and fittings required. Perfect for distribution of badges as names clearly presented when the carrier is opened.


reusable name badges

The same badge carriers are used for all our reusable name badge types. Holding the badges in position in this way also prevents potential damage in transit to a much greater extent than a jumble of polybags in a box.


aluminium clutch pin badges

A different system is used where each badge is pinned to the carrier card for safe transit. The cards are perforated so individual badges can be easily separated and handed out.


the card carriers

All the card carriers, no matter which type, are a single piece folded to protect the surface of the badges in transit. These cards are not only made from 100% recycled card (with FSC recycled certification), they are also made without the use of harmful optical brightening agents.


safety and care instructions

On the face of each card you will find printed care and safety instructions relevant to the badges enclosed. Presenting the badges in this was ensures the end user is aware of this essential information.


our other packing materials

Easily recyclable card boxes held together with a plastics free tape. Other packing materials include crumpled recycled kraft paper and a specially formed card protector that replaces the use of bubble wrap. All plastics free.